Write down your 2fa password!


If that is the old one, yes. You want to make sure you create a new Permission account in your 2FA app when you set up 2FA again.


I need more information to help you. What error are you getting? Did you have 2FA set up before?


Yes I do but I lost my phone and can’t remember the last 2fa details and cannot recover the authy account because the number I used was lost with phone


Your 2FA was reset anyway not long ago. You need to go through the setup process again from the beginning.


Hello everybody.animated-hello-image-0038


Здравствуйте. НЕ могу настроить 2FA после ввода кода пишет что код не верный. На сайте 2 дня как решить данную проблему


Если у вас ранее была настройка 2FA, убедитесь, что вы удалили учетную запись OLD Permission в приложении 2FA и введите код из новой.

If you had 2FA setup before, please make sure you delete the OLD Permission account in your 2FA application and enter the code from the new one.