Write down your 2fa password!


hi i can not enter my acount my 2fa is active pls help


The system is not working properly.


Try clearing your cache and then logging in.


Which authenticator application are you using?
if Google, try going to settings in Google Authenticator and then click “Time correction for codes”


If I delete cash, how to get into the program


i have 2fa code but enter is problem


Which authenticator app are you using? Please read the other posts on 2FA to troubleshoot.


this is my atenticat 2fa code


i insert email and password but ungo to up for 2fa code


Im confused, because that screenshot isn’t asking your for a 2FA code. The error has nothing to do with 2FA.

Try clearing your cache and resetting your password. Make sure you are not using only English characters in your password.


I think this is the steps that many dont follow and that was why they always have trouble with setting their permission.io 2FA😁 application


Hi @mray After set up 2FA,there is any way to find my 2FA password key?? I didn’t write my password key when set up 2FA :disappointed:


You can’t find it after, which is why we tell you twice to write it down when setting up!


Vào profile hủy xác thực 2FA rồi xác thực lại


Hi. I saved my QR code. Then I added it again to authenticator but it’s giving me and error and not letting me in. I’m sure that’s the QR code. What can we do ?


Mình chưa gặp tình huống này. Trước mình quét lại mã QR là đc. Bạn thử dùng trình xác thực khác chưa?


Thanks for the suggestion.

Both Google authenticator and Authy have the same code but it does not work. It gives me and error

Jose Carlos Bonilla


Does your authenticator app show a permission account now?


you mean this?


i cannot complete 2fa process why