Write down your 2fa password!


Why would you set up 2FA, not write down the password, and then delete your 2FA app???

I do not yet have a solution for those who didn’t follow instructions. I will have one soon.


I am not setup 2FA code,due to i don’t find this code


I am Not setup 2FA process but now sign in time it showing 2FA code


It would only be asking you for 2FA if you had previously set it up.
Do you have Authy or Google Authenticator installed?


Hi admin, i didnt have code of 2FA on my authy, can you help me rectify them, my account: ksthoan@gmail.com to access watch.permission.io
I get my mail and password but lost 2FA
Thanks admin


Hi admin, i also
Can help me, to rectify to access my ccount ksthoan@gmail.com


Excuse me. What should I do ?


I think your Authentication process is not properly done, try to follow the right steps and confirm your password as well.


Where should I start first ???


recheck your password carefully first, if it still give you error, then try to check your 2FA authentication and follow the right step


I changed my gmail password . but cannot :frowning:

  1. clear your browser cache
  2. manually type in your password
    If it still doesn’t work, try resetting your password


If you set up permission on Authy, you should just have to open the Authy app an enter the code shown for the Permission.io account that you created on Authy.



Dear Admin;

Thanks for supporting but i had code 2FA before to access but now i missed account of them on my dashboard’ authy that why i need admin delect my account 2FA let me can access site to creat 2FA like way i made again.

Thank adimin.

Vào 21:19, CN, 6 Th1, 2019 Michelle Ray <permission@discoursemail.com đã viết:


Hi admin, thanks for supporting
But i mess my acoount on dashboard now i dont have code of this account on my authy to access site that the reasons pls review picture attached.

Hope to have helping from admin.


We cannot reset 2FA at this time.
I am working to find a solution for those who didn’t follow instructions and write down their passcode when they set up 2FA, but I do not have one yet.


The bar code can’t be used anymore? I mean scanning it would have been much better than inputting the lengthy password :man_shrugging:t5:


The QR code is used just for setup. It is the “secret key” that pairs your Permission account with your 2FA application.
After setup, in order to get the 2FA code to login ( or access your profile and wallet) you simply open your 2FA application and enter the 6 digit code shown for your permission account when promoted for your 2FA code


What’s problem?