Write down your 2fa password!


:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation: We CANNOT reset your 2FA settings if you lose your phone or delete your 2FA application. :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

You are prompted TWICE during 2FA setup to write down your password… you MUST write it down as we CANNOT help you if you lose it!



Dear sir,
I am Dipankar Adhikari from Bangladesh.I am working this site few days ago. Today I am login my account but showing 2FA code. signup time i cannot active my 2FA code so in this time what I do?this time I cannot login my account. Plz inform me. Thanks
Dipankar Adhikari


I need more information to help.

Are you not able to complete the 2FA set up process?


today for the first time I have a problem with logging into my account. ask me for confirmation with code 2FA.
whence?my e-mail is: mopi@abv.bg


Clear your cache
Open your 2FA application
Enter the 2FA code shown for the Permission account you set up.


my question is how to get in, and on the phone and the laptop site opens in less than a second and instantly displays the code request


non riesco. Chiedo aiuto.


Do you have your 2FA app on your phone?


You cannot do what? What is it you are needing help with?


Hi, when I enter the code 2FA I get the message that says the code is wrong and does not let me in. I can not understand what the problem is, I entered two days ago without problems. The only thing I did was updating Windows 10. Now I try to clear the browser cache.


Yes, you probably need to clear cache.



I tried to clean the cache, but the result is the same, I also tried with another computer, but still gives me the same error.


What 2FA application are you using?


I use the Authy application


Excuse me very much, my fault, I still have the fumes of alcohol in circulation. The right app is google Autenticator. I came in, forgive me.


I came in, thank you very much Michelle Ray!


True Very Important…Please do that everyone. Thanks Michelle.


When is mainnet launch?


I forgot the 2FA password and now how to do it, thanks the admin for help, app authy I deleted it, how do I do it now, nguyenconvu2007@gmail.com