Withdraw tokens


It is Monday. No one was working on this over the weekend. It could be tomorrow or later in the week. I don’t have an exact time frame for the past referrals, but it is working correctly now.


I withdraw my balance 1995 token to my ether wallet that not received me I have 2000 on my test net wallet before after I withdraw that token deducted from my test net wallet but not received myetherwallet.
Yes I also my main web balance not deducted yet what mean this please reply.


It means we are on testnet and that the token is not yet live.
The tokens in the wallet are TEST TOKENS ( that is why it says TEST NET in red) and are not part of your earned balance.
Please read the FAQs.


Thanks for fast helping I really like this
Thanks again & hope fast helping in future.


how to claim my coin in peso money?


Please read the FAQs for more information