Will ASK be tradable outside of the permission platform at some point?

I’ve read the white paper and it’s not clear. Will I ever be able to trade ASK for other currencies or is it intended to be a self contained ecosystem?


I’m not looking for a deadline or a promise, I would just like to know what the vision is for the future. There’s no right or wrong answer.


Stay turn till 1 July

ASK is intended to be the currency for Permission. Our end goal is to change the entire marketing industry’s model of interruption and exploitation. Users grant permission to receive content from advertisers, brands, companies, etc. and in exchange are compensated in ASK. The vision is for a truly two-sided marketplace where anyone can be a consumer or an advertiser and ASK is the currency to facilitate permission. As the audience and advertiser base grows, the utility for ASK will evolve along with it.


So if I understand correctly:

  1. advertisers buy ASK to promote their content. They must buy ASK from the permission marketplace.

  2. we receive ASK by viewing content

3)ASK is only redeemable within the permission marketplace.

If this is correct, what would we expect to see available as redeemable products or services besides the ability to advertise?