Why You Need To DO 2FA


i went to my settings in the permissions.io and i dont see anywhere my bar code or the numeric code … the only things that show up in my settings are change
my email … change my password … download my data or close my account so i don’t follow where to find the original scan code or numeric code that was available when i first opened my account


I dont understand. Are you having issue signing in to your account with 2FA or you want to setup 2FA @jfwilson46 ?

Because from your comment above, it means you can access and operate your account.

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In your setting section, there is Authentication, you need to authorize new 2FA, use Authy this time if you used Google Authenticator before. Then you follow the procedure I highlighted earlier.


very nice and helpful post! ill copy paste this and share it to the lovely noobs people in my social media. :joy::joy::joy:


Feel free to. It will reach people who are very not aware of 2FA.

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Salve,scusatemi,ma è da qualche giorno che non riesco ad accedere al mio account perchè non mi riconosce il codice 2FA che avevo salvato.Come posso fare per recuperarlo?


Non capisco completamente la tua domanda. Stai dicendo che il codice generato dalla tua app 2FA non funziona quando lo inserisci su Permission.io?


I set 2FA and when I enter the code-confirmation button is inactive-what to do?


Please try the following:
Log out of Permission ( using the log out button)
Clear your browser cache
Make sure you delete any Permission accounts in your 2FA application
Log back into Permission
Go through 2FA setup again.


When you try to pass 2FA setup, the system constantly fails. Neither does the code scan help, and when I manually enter the code, my Authy reports that the wrong code format has been entered. How can I solve the problem?

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Please try the following steps:

Log out of Permission
Clear your browser cache
Delete any Permission accounts listed in Authy
Log back into Permission
Go through the 2FA setup again.

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Miss we are going to list? please tell us thank you


2FA не работает!!! :roll_eyes: Screenshot_92|690x387

Баланс обнулился.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Куда делись заработанные монеты?:astonished::flushed:

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2FA works fine. I just logged in myself.

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I have a lot of security codes, and I can not reset the Google Autetikator. Otherwise, all the keys to access other sites will disappear.


Did you write down your secret key or pass codes when you created your Permission account on 2FA?

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Yes, I saved the key.


You should be able to recover your Permission account in your 2FA application with that key

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Thanks, but I turned off the outlet a long time ago, because it didn’t work from the very beginning and it created constant problems when logging into the system. I can’t activate google autetikator because it writes that the code is not correct. I have an Android 9.0. All new. When I see that the site does not skip because of Google’s problems with the authenticator, this indicates that the site is not synchronized with the authenticator, which leads to an error.


2FA setup does not work, I have - Authy. On other sites 2FA - works flawlessly. Your advice:
"Log out of Permission
Clear your browser cache
Delete any Permission accounts listed in Authy
Log back into Permission
Go through the 2FA setup again. “- DOES NOT WORK.” Confirm "button - DO NOT WORK!

And if I don’t want a 2FA setup, there must be an alternative?

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