Why You Need To DO 2FA


Good day,

I have been seeing query from participants here, complaining of 2FA, or Dont know how to set up 2FA.

Please, note this.

  1. If you are an internet user and dont know what 2FA is, it means you are usually not an internet user when it comes to cryptocurrency or the blockchain industry

  2. If you dont know what 2FA is, it means you have never trade a crypto before.

  3. If you dont know what 2FA is, it means you have never gotten involved with a secure crypto platform

  4. If you dont know what 2FA is, it means you’re not current when it comes to security of financial transaction.

  5. 98% of all crypto exchange has the functionality of 2FA.

  6. Even some social media platofrm are started including the functionality of 2fa to prevent hacks of users account.


2FA is simply a two factor authentication, an option of token generator (That is activated by the original owner) to authenticate if the person who signin to a platform you have account, using your username and password is actually the real owner.

In today’s online environment, the rudimentary “username and password” approach to security is easy prey for cyber criminals. Many log-ins can be compromised in minutes, and private data (such as personal and financial details) is under increasing threat.

Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA or multi-step verification, adds another layer of security, supplementing the username and password model with a code that only a specific user has access to (typically sent to something they have immediately to hand). This authentication method can be easily summed up as a combination of "something you have and something you know”.

2FA is a security option every internet user must be familiar with.

2FA is being used even before the existence cryptocurrency. 99% of people who do online financial transaction do go through what is called ONE TIME TOKEN (Which is also related to 2FA, but just a one time code that expired within an hour). If you go to banks, you will see the Bankers wearing holding or wearing something on their neck that looks like a mini remote/keyholder. So 2FA has been in existence for long, and sure be added to your financial security, to prevent your account being hacked or fund stolen.

NOTE: The security of your crypto accounts is in your hands.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Importance of 2FA and Why You Need to Use It Everywhere
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Well done! 2FA is the best way of securing one’s account, I lost allot before with the absent of 2FA, but now i’m fully secured with the introductin of 2FA, please let’s familiarise with 2FA, learn how it works for your own safely.


Thank you for the great explainer about the importance of security and about the responsibility that comes with taking control of your money and your data.

Well done!


For me its not a question on why i need it … im having difficulty setting it up. I have tried twice now and failed both times


Have you not done 2FA on any flatform before?

2FA is a very simple thing to do, just wondering why people find it difficult.

What is the issue you are having, if i could assist?


У меня огромная проблема!!! Я случайно удалил с телефона гугл идентификатор и теперь не могу зайти в свой аккаунт!!! Помогите пожалуйста…


У меня нет решения для вас прямо сейчас. Мы работаем над чем-то для людей, у которых нет доступа к их заявлению 2FA


Hi Toyo,

Thank you for responding to my issue trying to setup my 2fa platform … the problem im having is I cant seem to get the code right to enter in i have now attempted
three times using the AUTHY app on my cell phone scanned the image and then tried to enter the six digit code on my computer in the space provided it keeps telling me that my code is incorrect. so now in the authy app im showing three accounts and there is
no where that in the app that lets you delete your accounts so you can start over … so now i dont know what to do.



In Authy, go to settings, Click on Accounts, Select the account you want to remove and then click the 3 dots in the top menu. You will see “remove” as an option.

As far as setup goes, there are a couple of things than you can check & try:
Make sure your Authy account settings show your correct phone number and email account
Try entering the 6 digit code from Authy RIGHT after it changes
Double check the time settings on the device you are using for 2FA.

You can also try Google Authenticator, but I have found Authy to be much simpler.

Make SURE you download your passcode from Permission BEFORE you sync your Permission account to 2FA (before enter the 6 digit 2FA code( so that you have it backed up in case you lose the device you installed 2FA on.


when i launch the authy app it is still trying to give me a code to enter when i click on the settings it goes to my account info there are no three little dots
on the top menu so im unable to reach the menu that as you say would have the delete function … so im back to square one and have no idea how to correct it



When you launch the Authy app, you see a “list” of accounts you have added. Don’t click those. At the very top is the 3 dot menu ( if you are on mobile.)
Click that, then Settings.
In Settings, click Accounts
Select the account you want to delete and click the 3 dots at the very top again
Click Remove


well i dont seem to be able t get to the home page in the app as it always opens showing a new six digit code and counting down to the next one. Im using a iphone
8 so i have just deleted the app and reinstalled it and will try once more to see if i can get to the home page where i might get to see these 3 dots that you speak of


If you are finding it difficult to set using Authy. Since you have not setup 2FA, i will advice you clear the Authy app data on your phone app settings, and then start the Authy app afresh.

(I would have directed you to read the Authy setup post by one of the forum member, but cant find the title/link)

Secondly, what type of phone are you using? (The make of the phone and the Andriod version)


I have deleted the app from my phone and installed a fresh new download … I have an Iphone 8


I think your mistake was from the beginning of your 2FA setup, you need to copy the code from your permission.io setting section under your bar code or scan the bar code, but I prefer you copy the code and after you have downloaded your Authy, you paste the code where you are asked to type a code in your Authy App, then you proceed with the other setting and then copy the 6 digits and go back to your permission.io to paste the codes :grin: congrats there you go!


Please try to make us understand in other to help you.

Have you setup your account on Authy?

(Setting up your account with Authy is different from setting up 2FA on permission.io).
You need to firs setup Authy using your phone number and email. before proceeding to your permission account.


nope and it doesn’t look like i ever will as it doesn’t appear to be as simple as you make it sound … which is to bad


Did you watch the video in the app? It’s like 5 or 6 steps total.


i watched it several times and still didnt get it right … so i give up


Permission 2FA and Authy are two different things, but try to follow what I wrote above, you will finally get it.
Set up your Authy using your phone number and other relevant details, it will also ask you for a key which you can get from your permission platform in setting section beside your barcode