When people watch Permission videos without being registered, we earn tokens for video?


People on social media watching the videos we post, if they aren’t registered on Permission, make us earn 5 tokens for video?


No, they need to be a part of your referral network. Basically to get rewarded they need to create an account using your referral code or link. When they do, you’ll get 100 tokens when they save their profile + 5 tokens per video they watch in the app.


OK thanks. :slight_smile:


so how can my network be zero yet I have 300+ reward tokens from people watching video ?


Vô lí nhỉ. Nếu không ai đăng kí thành viên theo giới thiệu của bạn sao bạn được cộng mà tôi lại không :smirk::smirk::smirk:


That’s 0 ASK in signups and another 345 ASK from your friends watching videos! (copied from my network page)must be a bug maybe as I know I have at least 1 signup


Bạn đang hỏi tôi hay người này Iwantneed?


Could you post a screenshot?



@rpekar1 mình nói vs @Iwantneed. Vì thấy vấn đề này vô lí theo những gì mình biết