When move to the main wallet


Hello guys when move to the main wallet?


Bình tĩnh đợi thông báo mọi vấn đề sẵn sàng 100%


I can’t understand your language
Please speak english


Calmly waiting for all 100% readiness issues. Now there is no specific answer.


Please read the numerous other threads regarding our upcoming mainnet launch.


This a good question, tell us when this project is going to main net. I don’t like wasting my time with irrelevant project


Please read the numerous threads about our mainnet launch.


During the first quarter of 2019 will we go to mainnett. But it is not the problem, the problem should be how strong the company will be in that time. The concept is one og the good one in the marked but I thing it is too early to go live.


@Qarasani i believe going live will not only make the project stronger but also gain more people. So I don’t think it is too early for launching. Thanks


I think you have a good poing here and I hope that we will see very soon that it will go live.


i believer we can do it and awseome


không biết đến khi nào thì mới hết chế độ test net


Xin vui lòng đọc các chủ đề khác đặt câu hỏi này … hơn và hơn.