When Listed Exchange


When We exchange Token, when get listed exchange?


We are still on testnet and will move to mainnet at the end of this year.
Please visit our FAQs


Hi Madam,

May be i am not understand but i already payout ASK 1000
SENT | 1000 ASK
From: 0x9b75964392228c8de5cee69f9d0eb2cbbd1e55aa
To: 0x04083dac94f839978f5927dd63b47d8e4b93bc26
Oct 25 2018 / 20:52:34 GMT+6

Now Where My token?



The wallets and the token in them are TEST token only. They can only be sent to or received from other Permission members right now.


What is the type of ASK token?


The Permission token is based on ethereum, but is not an ERC 20 token.
More information coming soon in our Technical FAQs!


We’re here now 2019 and no listing yet


Please read the numerous threads about our mainnet launch.