When are we will be able to download the android app?


Hallo everyone :slight_smile: For starters I want to say that I do like a lot this project and I enjoy it. So, my first question will be like: when are we going to be able to download the android app? Thank you :smile:


There is no mobile app at the moment, you can log in your mobile to Permission web, and create a shortcut in your hom,e mobile screen.


We have no plans for a mobile app for Permission.io.
Having an app means that the app stores have control over how and if we can pay you in token, and they can remove the app at any time.
The web app at Permission.io can be accessed from any device, and you can add an icon to your phone home screen, so that it performs like any other app.


Go any idea on how to add the permission.io icon to iPhones home screen?