When are we going mainstream?

Congrats to the team on mainnet. But how long are we going to ignore the mainstream? I am pretty sure 99% of Crypto investors (forget about rest of the world) don’t know about ASK. This coin cannot be found on Coin market cap. What exactly are you going to do to make ASK appear on radar for most investors. Time to come out of silos and think about the real world

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We JUST moved to mainnet a few days ago. If you are only interested in the USD valuation of ASK, you aren’t helping this project at all.
We’re here for the long haul, to change how the digital marketing industry operates and how personal data is viewed.
A listing on CMC isn’t an indicator of the value of a company or its product.


Thanks for the response. I am not concerned about USD valuation of ASK. Frankly, I am concerned about ASK getting lost in the midst of several other unknown projects. When does the serious marketing starts so a common man is aware of this awesome project?


I promise, now that we are out of beta and have moved to mainnet, we begin working hard to get the word out.
But, I would just like to say that crypto audiences are not mainstream :slight_smile: Still, only a tiny percentage of the global population holds any crypto!

We are definitely going to change that…with your help!


yes he is concerned about USD valuation becouse he want to know the value of the he is time

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Admin please helf my ASK lost

None of your ASK is lost. Please check your wallet.

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Please apply USD in advance to attract more participants … After that, please send Ask when the customer has frozen … See how they do and succeed:

We do not pay users in fiat. We pay them in ASK.


Nice thank’s for support

Its a fake program you may be scamed any time

Have they paid you yet @ workmines.com

It’s a scam (I talk about workmines). Even if they pay today, one day they will disappear overnight.

where withdraw at ??

Привет! Ну а что мы сможем потом сделать с ASK ? Как мы сможем его использовать? Ведь он должен иметь ценность!