What will happen to our ask tokens by fake emails?


Our referral earnings of ask tokens which we have increased by fake emails that tokens will permission.io take it off from our accounts after moving from testnet to mainnet or permission.io will not give only that tokens which have been made from fake emails after moving mainnet?

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All fake emails and tokens will be deleted I believe.

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Tokens for fake referrals will not be paid when we move to mainnet.


What will happen to the tokens by fake emails at the time of testnet. Will you guys delete that tokens from our accounts after going to mainnet?


Yes. The amount moved to the wallets will not include tokens from fake referrals.

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Ok. How will you come to know about fake emails


We will explain the process for determining real accounts soon, but using fake email domain generators is one easy way to tell.
It is pretty simple to tell a real domain from a fake one.


Ok. Thank you for your response

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