What will be the token price in the market


ASK token price in the market ?


The token is still on testnet, so this question is impossible to answer.


no comment but considering the supply, maybe 0.0001 usd


@Professionals_Profes @kenny199788 Please don’t spread misinformation here. The market will determine the price after mainnet launch, however the ASK token is meant to be used within the app’s ecosystem as we add more features and functionality to the user experience.

That is a large factor in the delay of token launch; we are working with global brands to get more content and rewards interwoven with Permission.io.


when token ask can be exchanged. as soon as possible please process.


Is the ASK utility token ?


You could call it a utility token. We are developing business relationships with global advertisers to not only place their content in the app, but to have exclusive offers from their brands that can only be purchased with ASK. The end goal includes using ASK to purchase digital goods, such as music streaming services, digital storage, Play Store/App Store vouchers, or charity donation vouchers.


Rachel, can we exchange ASK - for money, or for another cryptocurrency and then transfer money to the card through exchangers


This is a great blockchain project! :slight_smile:


Why thank you :grinning:

Glad to have you as a member!


I don’t have the authority to give you an absolute answer, but it is a possibility for future versions


Rachel, and for which future versions? And when it will be, because you are one of the founders and assistants of the Permision company, do you really not know when everything will start … ???


The big companies spend billions of dollars on advertising, but people get bored to see ads. With your project people are happy to look at advertising because they are paid in ASK tokens, these tokens will be sold in the exchanges and big companies will buy millions of these tokens!