What we can do with ASK


yes some of member receive their ASK thanks to team,but i wonder what we can do with this ASK,is their any exchange to change it , is there where we can sell it please explanation other wise i do not see ho we are going to be paid for our TIME


Same here. Why bother earning it if I can’t change it for $ or even other crypto coins. Right now it is just an imaginary point system worth nothing


I am wondering the same thing, I have been collecting ask tokens for some time now, but have no idea what can be done with them


I have been thinking about how ASK will benefits us. Make posts selling digital items for ASKs, heck, any currency is good, but add ASK, etc that’ll be sweet, eh :smiley:


When the right time comes, we can all enjoy the benefits of ASK. We can exchange it for fiat, pay it in using platform as advertiser and who knows, use it to buy products from the ads being advertised in the platform. As of the moment, the way I see it to benefit us members is to accumulate by using the platform. None of us anyway paid to get ASK. I believe the team is doing great. Going live to its chain is a big and not simple accomplished milestone. Currently, they are building great foundation. As a community, we should not distract them by asking over and over again of these type of questions. Usecase will come let them lay first the essentials in this business for growth doesnt happen in a blink of an eye. For the meantine, lets help them grow by spreading it to the world. They made it to Consensus2019 so I am confident the future is bright for all of us who became part of this community at its beginnings. Lets all wait for the right time.


I understand, I am being patient. Just wondering if anyone could tell me about future plans for Ask tokens?


I already listed ASKs as one of the payment for my books on Canund, ehehehe :smiley: Along with Uunits, Argentas, as well as Canund’s Points, so yeah, these are great.


Wow I love it ,this is much inspirational


Yeah may be in future 1 Ask equals to 1 dollar

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So do you have any idea how much time they will take to launch its value equals to dollar???

#11 đấy. 1ASK = 0.1$ Đã hạnh phúc lắm rồi :beers::beers::beers:


No idea but Im hopeful and very positive. I collected a lot and will continue to accumulate by using the platform and referrals :joy: