What is the current 1 ask price?


what is the current 1 ASK?
When ASK can I sell it?


Hiện tại 1 ASK là 1 ASK và không có giá trị thanh toán. Vẫn đang thử nghiệm, chưa hoạt động chính thức bạn nhé.


I think you can ask Google, you will definately find where you can sell. Mr. you need to be current and follow uo with the project and also read https://forum.permission.io/c/faq

I see you only just want to know price and sell after you have been able to resolved your password reset :joy:

Mr, we need post and topic that we grow the community and promote the #ASK blockchain.


Well, as awkward as he sounded there is something particularly significant in his queries, one thing peculiar to projects like this is giving of estimated price, even as people know that prices are determined by the market, estimated price are still given to give an idea of what exactly you are into. Just an humble opinion, Ma…


Giving out price is fud.

Is there an ICO ongoing? Is the coin listed on any exchange?

So why then would someone be asking what is the current price of a coin?


Calm down bro…no crime in asking for an estimated price. Yes, growing the community is one thing and important, having something to show for it is another.


Try to go through FAQ, all this questions were answered already! They will update ya more when the need arises.