What happened to tokens which sent to my erc20 wallet(mew)

Yesterday i tried to send my ASK tokens to my mew adress. And i saw a letter that transaction is success. But i read later, ASK is not ERC20 tokens. But for many time (maybe 1.5 years) my eth adress is written on your wallet. What should i do now?

And i would like to learn something too. Can we withdrawl our ASK token on any exchange? If we can not do this, when will we withdrawl?

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Do you mean they are gone?

If you sent them to a wallet that does not support ASK, then they are gone.

that is bullshit, why do you let this?

Let what? You are told right on the page to NOT send your ASK to other wallets unless they are Permission wallets.

When i sent it i didnt see this warning.