What can I do when my account is suspended?

lwinhtoohan91@gmail.com is my petmission.io account.Please check and reply me

Your referrals are all fake.

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Any news 2 to 3month passed mam please

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Your account is suspended, please visit the forum for more information.
Please help me.
My email:

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You consider helping me. I do not violate the project terms of service. I signed up and used only one account to watch videos and introduce participants.

Please send me your login email address.

Hi , my account is suspend , sure its an error, im honnest and fairplay, i know how it work. You can contact me here : airdropcatch@protonmail.com
Best regard

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Please mray since the site moved for improvement, I can’t login again ,it doesn’t response to 2fa again please help me restored it ,thank u

Hello, my page is frozen. How to solve this problem, I wanted to bring them to erc20, but they did not come. Mail 7419003@gmail.com

Please try the following.

Go to https://permission.io/logout
Clear your browser cache & cookies
Then try logging in again.

ASK is was only supported on the Permission wallet when you tried to send. We are NOT an ERC20 token.

You should be able to log in normally now.

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please my account is suspended, i want reactive thanks

Please send me your email address and I will look into it.

I have been using this account since when I started to earn. You may can check all the stuff here or I can give you the passwords of my two accounts (pirshahid258@gmail.com). This account (pirshahid77@gmail.com) holds about 21k of ask while the other one just have 450. I have never used that 450 ask account it was just made bye me I never thought that I would be cheating or doing something like that I am sorry but please give me my account back please it was just done without thinking! :broken_heart:

hello admin.
my account is suspended. i havent login for a long time ago but im back now.
can u active me back?

thx u

anyone here for help?

Please send me your email address and I will look into it.

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