Unable to login to watch video at, I have been having this issue for some weeks now, what might be the problem?

1 Like doesn’t exist any more.

What error are you getting when you try to login at ?

Привет! А как теперь войти в свой старый аккаунт? Там ведь Мои заработанные монеты? Что делать?

Просто нажмите кнопку входа. Ваш кошелек и ASK все еще есть в вашем новом профиле.

I don’t have issue with, I only have issue with, but since you said its no longer existing, it’s fine!

does that mean no more watching of ads?

Correct. No more watching ads to earn ASK.

Thanks…finally, on the ask marketplace I search for products and realised two prices there, one is in and the other in ASK. Does it mean I can either pay in or ASK token??? has been replaced by ?
It’s mean we still earn ASK by watching video on the new site?

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Hi How I can earn ASK now?

must we log in with same login credentials or signup

wallet balance is zero

this shopping is only valid in USA not no use for me

Hi everyone.
We sent emails about the move to the Marketplace weeks ago.
Please visit the FAQs for answers to your questions

We are adding new stores from all over the world, so everyone will be able to shop at the Marketplace.

Привет ! Я живу в России я могу покупать товар за ASK Когда это будет возможным?

This is not right. I wants to earn ASK watching videos! What the hell? I have to SPEND in order to EARN? That’s nuts. I don’t to spend. I wants to EARN. Geez!

Sure, I checked what items to see and I liked lots, but nope, not at this time. My priority is to earn so I can make money to marry my fiancee, ok, that’s all that’s important right now for me.

Bring back the videos! Thanks.

Those are ask program completed man 300billion dollars of ads ends now you can earn buy shoping you will earn more ask ans for every visit website do you want to buy ask contact me i have thanks

If you want to buy ASK then contact with me. it is 1000 ask = 50$

Ok how much tokens do you have

Im Brazil E-mail 1000 ASK = 48 $

payment via Paypal 1000 ASK = 48 $
20052 ASK in my wallet ok spenk portuguse, Im Brazilian ok