Using Fake Email Addresses


Bumping this up to the top.

Fake referrals will NOT be paid. Those of you ( you know who you are) creating a bunch of fake accounts with fake emails are going to be very disappointed. Violating our Terms of Service by creating fraudulent accounts will result in your account being suspended.


Hi MRay, long time no see u!
I have big community. Maybe my ref just only sign up, and I dont know their !
do you count is a case ( Fake Mail) ?


Xác thực 2FA xong sẽ là hợp lệ nếu đó là mail xịn :sweat_smile:


There are several criteria we use to determine fake accounts. Some are very obviously fakes and use brand new email addresses with fake email domains. Sign ups are not referrals… referrals are users!


Not a problem, I have hundreds of people who won’t register until launch of mainnet. Lol…just waiting for launch and start a massive campaign for permission across 30 States of about 20million people. You gonna see an increased user level after launch, I assure you.


That’s a lot of users… we’ll take them! :smiley:


Alright thanks a bunch


Could they be the ones who have already earned over a million ASK? I have been asking myself where one earned those tokens?