Upload Affiliate Video and Affiliate Link?


I’m wondering if I could do this? I would like to upload an affiliate video.

I am affiliate with this company, I got my own affiliate link, which I shortens using TinyUrl, and I would like to upload a video, along with the link if people so choose to click though if they likes, but they can just watch the video and see what’s the affiliate company’s promotion is all about.

It’s about bags. Very good bags, too.

Anyway I haven’t heard anything about it for a long time, so I’m asking here, okay. I earns small commissions from the company, not from customers, just so any potential customers know okay.

I haven’t earnt much these past 4 years now. Just wondering okay. Don’t know any other way to make money than this, ok. Thanks.

This the video I wants to uploads,

or this

or this…

With my link underneath the videos in the “LEARN MORE” button:: https://tinyurl.com/FlakSack

What do you think? Is it ok? Can I uploads one or all three vids, pay some ASKs and get them viewed by lots of people, yeah? Question is, how do I upload? Just can’t find the way to do that, okay.

Thanks, no worries



We hope to offer this service to our members soon, but it is not yet available.

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Ahhh, ok, thanks.:+1:

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Beautiful sacks,what is the price?


Well, that depends. Right now, though, there’s a Spring Sale, 20% off everything, so their email says, which is awesome. Check the site out, https://tinyurl.com/FlakSack. Thanks for liking the bags, regards!

See below!

SPRING SALE! At least 20% off all LOCTOTE Bags

Click Here: https://tinyurl.com/FlakSack.

Thanks for checking the bags out!

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