Unfortunately I have lost my 2FA code,please tell how to recover my A/c?


My email Id is bijon.dhar@gmail.com Please tell the alternative way to recover my A/c and coins


Sorry there is no alternative.

Secondly, how did you lost your 2FA code?


Lol…I think that account is completely lost.


You should just need to open your 2FA application (Authy or Google Authenticator) and enter the 6 digit code that shows up for the Permission account you created.

If you lost your phone or deleted your 2FA application, I do not have a solution for you at this time.
We are working on that.


This 2fa is really discouraging people from joining permission. Most of my friends and neighbors I tried referring don’t know about 2fa.


I understand that 2FA is a new thing for many people, but the video clearly walks you through how to set it up.
We will work to help everyone we can with 2FA because protecting your personal data and tokens is the most important part of Permission.io.


When ad can help me to access my a/c
I lost 6 digit in my authy.


I think I have a suggestion to that. In previous and similar situation, sites creates an option of “if you have lost your 2FA deactivate it” option, then an email is sent to you to confirm that it is indeed you asking for the deactivation. That way I can reached my account again, and at the same time reactivate my 2FA. I think you should look into that. Thank you


The 6 digit code comes from your authenticator app. Open Authy, and click on the Permission account you set up and you will see the 6 digit code to enter.


We will not be allowing you to turn off 2FA. Cryptocurrency is money and your data is valuable. People need to understand tthat and to set up security that is appropriate to protect things that are valuable.


It is True in some platforms. To request for 2FA deactivation.

But i find it worrisome for people to be complaining of 2FA on a platform that is just established.

Secondly, those platform who use 2FA that you can request for deactivation. The procedure is very strict than what you explained above. And secondly, some take 7days to deactivate after providing all required information of your account.

My third concern is that those who are complaining of 2FA lost or delete of account are mainly accounts who do not have a detailed profile account on this Forum.


We knew there was going to be some education involved with 2FA, but I also thought that the video and step-by-step are pretty clear.

2FA will always be a requirement for us, in some form. People who get into crypto projects are just going to have to learn about it and learn why it is important.

As you have said before, people need to take responsibility for securing their own accounts and money!


The truth is that they never intend to possess the ASK, but to acquire for the short possible time. And they dont check on the platform to read or see the ongoing upgrade being done by the team.

At least when someone open an account related to funds, he or she should be checking regularly.

2FA is the best security option on this blockchain ecosystem. There is no way your account can be hacked.

I believe there was an update/post made asking everyone to setup 2FA and saving the 2FA key. So just wondering why so many complaints about 2FA.


Nhiều người lập 2FA như là 1 điều kiện để nhận 250ASK.


You are just too overzealous about the whole thing, just because you know everything about 2FA doesn’t make you better than people who are just getting introduced to the cryptocurrency security level. I strongly recommend the 2FA too but to the new bloods in the system, it should be a gradual process. Permission really needs a large audience for its development because no advertiser would want to put his content on a system where users are limited. Permission, should take it’s time with 2FA or see people gradually lose interest in it. Before the 2FA thing, I refer not less than 5 people a day but now, even getting 1 referral is headcahe because they either complain about the 2FA code not working or difficulty in registering and setting up 2FA. Humans are not equal…your high school should teach you that, that is why you have the brilliant kids and dull ones. In actual sense, no one is dull, time is what they need.


Believe me when I say that we know that there is a learning curve with 2FA, but if you think 2FA is a bad experience for beginners … wait until somoene is hacked and their wallet is drained because they don’t understand that, with cryptocurrency, THEY are responsible for their own security.

You can use the internet to search for information and help with 2FA. No amount of searching is going to get your hacked cryptocurrency back in your hands.


I am not getting overzealous. Secondly, 2FA is not only used in the case of cryptocurrency. Banks use it, other financial institution use it.

And the best 2FA option so far is Google Authenticator and Authy. Becuase some 2FA like email can be hacked (I have fall victim for this, one of my exchange account was hacked even as it was locked with email 2FA, all my dogecoin was traded to bitcoin and then the BTC was transfer to external address, after the hack i had to use google authenticator).

What about SMS 2FA, some country mobile provider dont alway accept or you wont receive sms when you needed it or maybe 30minutes after the countdown (This happens sometime when twitter or facebook suspend your account, even yahoomail and other cryptocurrency exchange and platform)

SO the best 2FA so far is Google Authenticator and Authy.


Halo boss, permiission many new member ,permision blockhain should need deactive GA if any newmember lost 2FA coz many member dont know use GA…you understand !!!


Anyone involved in crypto needs to know how to use 2FA. It is standard protection for many wallets and exchanges.


You can not lost 2FA, when you dont set it up.

There is an instruction on the process of setting up 2FA and you are required to save your 2FA KEY before going to the next step.

My question now is HOW DID THEY LOST THEIR 2FA KEY?