Unconfirmed balance

I still have an unconfirmed balance


Me too, even I had new referrals recently but didn’t receive 100 ask promise and 5 ask when they watch ads

How do you know they are watching ads? You cannot see when they log in…

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I created my WhatsApp group I can screenshot it and send here and that’s how I know that I didn’t get my 100 ask referrals bonus plus 5 ask when they watch ads

I can tell you that they are paying out fine. If they created an account using a real email address using your referral code, completed their profile, and are logging in to watch ads… then the payments show up in the “My Network Activity” tab and are being paid.
See my account below:

You can also check our blockchain explorer for your wallet address:


Is your account under review or suspended? If that is the case, you can no longer refer new members.

I didn’t receive any messages like that mrary, I’m clean

That solves one problem then.
Can you post a screenshot of the “My Network Activity” screen?

maybe you guys misplace me someone else due to heavy work on you guys lol

For sure the last time I received bonus from my referral was 11th May 2019,kindly wait for the screenshot