The Permission Marketplace Launches Today!

Can account holdsrs continue to watch videos. Thank you

где вы нашли просмотр роликов?

Videos are no longer available. Please read the blog post attached to this thread.

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Мишель скажите пожалуйста когда будет обмен монеты ASK и когда можно за монету а не за долл купить товар в магазине вашем?

У нас нет информации об обменах. Если это произойдет, мы объявим, как только мы узнаем, что он был где-то указан.

Что касается покупок с ASK, мы работаем с торговыми отношениями, чтобы вы могли потратить ASK. Как только это произойдет, мы объявим.

Bao giờ dùng ASK để mua hàng hóa được mray ?

Chi tiêu ASK vẫn chưa có sẵn. Chúng tôi sẽ thông báo ngay khi bạn có thể sử dụng ASK để mua hàng!

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Blog post where? Grazie

Apologies. I just saw it was not pinned to the top any longer.
Here is the latest press release.

What is this mam can we shop now or what?

No. This is the public press release for the Marketplace. Previously, it was only announced to our community.

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Hey Can we buy stuff in marketplace using ASK?

Not yet, but spending ASK is on the development roadmap!


The email I received on Thursday says we can earn ASK by viewing ads. Are videos coming back?

Not in the way they were available before and not anytime soon.
Ads may be an option for brands to reach you in the future.

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Mam mary can you please tell me i also recieved this email now we can shop online or not with ask

I promise: when we introduce ANY new features, you will be notified by email and on the forum.

Paying for products with ASK is on the roadmap, but not yet available.

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Thanks alot mam mray please do it fast we are really wait alot thanks

Congrats on the 46 million funding recently and your new website looks professional with ask explorer👍only think I feel that you let Down your community which built alx, I hope you can come up with something that really rewards us not just probably a hundred dollars if we get ever get to spent them, we probably spent 100’s hrs of time watching your videos believing that we would be able to sell the ask token on exchanges, I do believe you have made a good move though now😉

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Thanks for your support.
While I appreciate that the Watch & Earn experience was easy for members, it provides no business value if members just watch videos and collect ASK to sell on an exchange one day. The point of Permission is to create and entire cryptocurrency economy.
As nice as it would be, we are not in business to give away ASK for no return.
We hope you will stick with us and find value in being able to earn and spend ASK in the future.