The Permission MainNet Blockchain Is Going LIVE, right now!


It could be that we are processing lots and lots and LOTS of transactions from the past year and all of the new ones…and it’s taking a little longer than we thought to write all of this to the blockchain.

They ARE processing, though! You can check out the blockchain explorer at


Hi Mray, I’m just a new member, may i aks you a question? When Permission came Mainet, how can i take my money in the wallet? it’s by visa card or some others way? Thank you in advance ^^


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The team is working harder than ever to fix any bugs, answer all of your questions, and support the community overall. That being said, PLEASE respect our time. Questions about the topics below will NOT get a reply, either because they’re already answered on this forum, or because we have no information at this time to announce publicly in regards to them.

Please Do Not Ask About:

  • exchanges.
  • 3rd party wallets. When we have news we will share it.
  • Beta earnings not showing up yet. This is answered above.

No your earnings won’t be zero


Hi I read all the posts up but I’d like tto know why my balance account is still to 0 ASK. I’ve started 3 days ago to watch ads and 72 hours are passed!
If anyone has the answer please help me! Thank you


Your ASK should be in your wallet now.

It doesn’t show up on the Pending Balance unless our blockchain is processing a lot of transactions and takes a minute to catch up.


Ok Thank you Michelle. I’ve checked now but they aren’t charged in my wallet. I’ll try to wait some days.
Thank you


can you post a screenshot of your Activity screen and your wallet screen?


Certo! Ecco le schermate. Ci sono altre pubblicità che ho visto per un totale di circa 500 ASK


Don’t translate the page. Permission only displays correctly in English.


Please help me. I transferred the coins to my wallet, a week later I never received them.



Ok I write in English:
Here is the screeenshots you asked. I have others activities for about 500 ASK. But the wallet on permission is still 0.


Tốt quá! Cám ơn nhiều


Exactly what we all patiently waiting on


Your wallet page is not in English. You cannot translate any of the site. You may need to log out, clear your browser cache, and then log in with the site in English.


Why would you transfer ASK to any other wallet when it tells you on the page NOT to send it to any other wallet and we have told everyone repeatedly here that there is no 3rd party wallet support yet?


sorry i didn’t know. transferred to ethereum wallet. so the coins are gone. it’s a pity. all that I did … for nothing


Are you serious Michelle?:joy:
There’s the screenshots in English version:

From here you can see what I asked. Now can you answer me please?


Please send me your login email and wallet address in a private message so I can look into it.


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