The Importance of 2FA and Why You Need to Use It Everywhere


According to Fortune Magazine, over 55% of the people polled by Duo Security have not even heard of two-factor authentication (known as 2FA, MFA, and/or multi-factor authentication). With data breaches impacting both businesses and users, it is alarming to see numbers like this. It is now more important than ever for people to understand and implement better account security that includes 2FA.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method of authenticating yourself to an account service. It breaks down into two or more of these three parts:

Something you know.

Something you have.

Something you are.

Examples of these are the following:

Something you know could be your password, passphrase, mother’s maiden name, secret question answer, etc.

Something you have could be a SMS message sent from the service to your phone, a software application with a number sequence that is displayed every 30 seconds, a physical hardware device that displays a number sequence that is displayed every 30 seconds, a physical hardware device that holds a digital key, etc.

Something you are could be biometric information such as your fingerprint, face, voice, walk, iris scan, etc.

Multi-Factor Authentication Explained as Fast as Possible

Using 2FA Without an Internet Connection

Why is 2FA important?

This tool is important to use with your login as most people either reuse passwords or do not have strong enough passwords. This can also guard against malware key logging your password or a hacker using social engineering to gain access to your password.

2FA makes it much more difficult for an unauthorized user to access your account, even if they were able to guess your password or crack it through other means.

Using 2FA is Easy!

Using 2FA is easy to do and can be done by using your smartphone and an application. Here are a few that we recommend using:


Authy: (

LastPass Authenticator: (


Bitwarden: (

1Password: (

One of the best features of the above options is the fact that those services save your 2FA codes in case you lose your phone or 2FA code. LastPass Authenticator saves your codes to the LastPass password manager, Bitwarden saves your codes to the Bitwarden password manager, and 1Password saves your codes to the 1Password password manager.

How Do I Set 2FA Up and Use It with

Setup 2FA on Permission

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