Story Time! So, what brought you here? 😊


Hello friends! :slight_smile:

As we patiently wait for the upcoming news, what brought you here to New users and veterans alike, I would love to hear your story! :blush:

I found out about through my truck driving buddy haha. After some digging I’m feeling really excited for the upcoming mainnet! :grin:

So, what brought you here? :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing your stories!


Друг! Доброго дня! Лично меня сюда привело то что эта новая идея Блокчейн которая не похожа на множество хайпов в инете! здесь заложено что то непредсказуемое ! И я думаю нас ждет хороший бонус за нашу работу! Мы одна семья и мы ведем друг друга к нашей заветной цели! В каждом деле в каждом бизнесе нужно терпение и выдержка ! И мы должны это понимать что такой бизнес не строится за один месяц и даже год! Всем желаю терпения и прекрасной работы! Будьте здоровы друзья!


I love this idea! I would really love to hear how people found out about and what they think so far, as well as, what they hope to see from us in the future.

Thank you!


Got to know about through my coursemate, after I dug into the whitepaper and read what it was all about I knew vision is extremely positive. I have referred 50+ people and I hope to do more before the end of this month.


Hello friends good mood.I am enthusiastic about the project and like to watch videos. I read an offer on facebook. He addressed me and I registered.


Hi. Bei mir war es blanker Zufall, der mich auf die Plattform gebracht hat. Bin vom Start an dabei und habe alle höhen und tiefen mitgemacht. Da ich von Beginn an ein gutes Bauchgefühl hatte bin ich geblieben und freue mich jetzt auf den scharfen Start!!!


Awesome job! I’m about to send out a mass refer link on my Facebook soon enough. Just tinkering the post/making it seem appealing to a mass of people instead of close-knit friends.
Good luck on getting more referrals! :slight_smile:


I came across through telegram anonymous user


I don’t know anymore. I’m severely into cryptos and I need money to pay huge debts. And I told my mum and my family and friends who are also in need and so we signed up. Other programs vanish quickly and mostly with the money one has paid in but here we feel safe because we see no risk to lose money.