. how can I contact support thanks

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This is support! How can we help you?


Hi Michelle

Why dont we see any videos?
Whats the update on mainnet?


Hi, Just confirming I see the same in my login too. There was one video worth 100ASK and nothing else. It is out of admin hours right now. I will check again in the morning (Australia).


Yeah, me too I am experiencing the same thing, only one video and nothing more!

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@abdulazizy15 @mgreig @Nishpermission You should have more videos to watch today. We were testing the app (we are in beta, after all!) but things are back to normal now.


March is almost over the month - when will your project be finally launched, how long can you wait ???

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Thank you… yes the videos are back…


Same here we are waiting for the news and update on mainnet and launch


Hi rpekar1, I know you have mentioned before that you are not allowed to reveal any dates yet, but has there been any statement about whats happenning with the delay? It seems a lot of people are a little anxious.


Are you on our mailing list? Our CEO sent out a company update not long ago:

Dear Permission Members,

The Permission Team could not have asked for a better year to launch the future of digital marketing. In 2018, we marveled as blockchain technology disrupted every industry imaginable.

We cheered as the power of personal data became impossible to ignore. We watched as advertising grew more expensive and less effective than ever before.

These shifts perfectly reflect Permission’s long-standing beliefs and goals. We know more strongly than ever that we are right where we should be.

Permission is the future. Our security audits are complete, test wallets have been tested by our members, and we updated the user experience with features like anonymous profiles, wallets, blockchain explorer, sharing, favoriting, and sorting. And now, we are working with some of the biggest brands in the world in hopes of bringing their content to our members, and restoring the trust between brands and consumers.

Thank You for your loyalty and belief in the Permission mission. You are leading the way into the future and we are only getting started. Here’s to 2019, the year of Permission!

Get out there and tell the world.


Charles Silver, CEO, Permission.io


Thanks, I must have missed this one. So with no exact dates mentioned I will assume mainnet will be sometime this year then.

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Yes, we are almost there