Sending Ask Tokens to Wallet


I tried sending my 2000 ASK tokens to my etherwallet and they never showed up. I have waited for a few days and they still haven’t shown up. How can I fix this?

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The tokens in your wallet are not real, they are just for testing the wallet so can’t be transferred to third party wallets, moreover the project is still on testnet.


Permission io scam…?


The wallets say TEST NET in red and this is at the very top of the wallet page: is currently in beta so our wallet and blockchain are being tested. Don’t worry, you will still get your ASK when we leave beta but for now play around a bit and help us test it out!”

There is an entire thread here on the forum about testing wallets. Please use the search feature in the forum before asking a question.


no it’s not a scam there would not be videos by some of the biggest names in Crypto on it if it was


please be patient so not scam

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