Scary section in terms and conditions of permission

with all due respect to the project, I believe this aspect of the terms and conditions needs to be refined, one of the things that get people on this platform is “your data has value” how come ASK might happen to be valueless, no one is ready to waste his or her time in an unproductive activity.


I think what’s been written there is fine! If they would say that their tokens would give us good fortune someday, for me, it’ll look more scammy.

we supporters and early adopters of the project are like bounty hunters,we support and promote the project then they will give us their tokens in returns. like buying bitcoin, altcoins or investing into something, there’s no such things as guaranteed returns of your investment it only happens with HYIP.


I am not actually saying they should promise heaven and Earth with the tokens. Stating there that the token might be valueless is completely discouraging even for early adopters like us, I would understand the “the value may go up or go down part” which is one of the many characteristics of the crypto environment. Just imagine they end up saying your earned 14000ASK is worth nothing, I am sure you won’t be happy. Growing the platform is important but before the vast growth can be achieved we must ensure the system is worth the effort, which on their part a display of data value is made convincing to the permission community. You can’t possible come to me and ask me to register on a platform where the effort might come out to worth zero, I won’t be your referral, lol.


what they have written there is a possibilities that could really might happen and I’m not seeing anything wrong with that… someone must do their own review about the project and whatever the outcome is itll be their own choice to risk if the project is worth it or not.
and about referrals, I’ve never seen a salesman talk to a customer and the first thing that they’ve mentioned is the negative side of the product… same here, every referral that i have who asked me about the project , I always make sure to explain to them the PROS, CONS and the risk involved in the project.


Satoshi Nakamoto posted this on bitcointalk Feb.10 2010 04:02:56 PM

“I’m sure that in 20 years there will either be very large transaction volume or no volume”.

and i will say this today

“I’m sure in 10 years ASK tokens will either be $1-$5 each or no value at all”. lol



Cơ bản mình đồng ý với ý kiến này. Vẫn biết chúng ta đang trong giai đoạn phát triển. Nhưng chắc sẽ vui hơn nếu chúng ta có một mục tiêu cụ thể mặc dù biết có thể sẽ không có gì. Như vậy cũng không khác gì so với hiện tại mà lại thuyết phục hơn.


Thank goodness someone reads the TOS!

One of the biggest problems in technology and in cryptocurrency is a lack of transparency. We have no way of knowing what the market will do. It would be unethical to state otherwise.


I would have to agree on this point. I would have to watch videos for nothing? I can do that by myself without this platform. The part where they indicate they may have no value at all is discouraging and should be removed unless this is a true statement. If true then I will have to go my own way. Seems like an escape route for the developer when the time comes where some would like to cash out, i.e. “It is clearly stated that they would have no value.” Creates FUD. Although it costs nothing …Crap…I just had a revelation. If it costs nothing to join this platform then no complaints. God Bless you Michelle

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And I will say this today
In ten years they could have no value? I’m out. I can watch videos for free without this platform. Although I support the idea of this program and what it can provide, I cannot refer a platform that could possibly be worth “nothing”. I have to reiterate on behalf of Mr [okwudibiejoy], I would understand the “the value may go up or go down part” which is one of the many characteristics of the crypto environment. I am currently with a couple other programs where I hold about 2 or 3 thousand tokens that are worth less than a half a penny a piece. THIS, we can understand. But NO VALUE would mean that you shut down. If that is what you are implicating with the no value in the TOS then kool. I don’t think it should be there. Although it costs nothing …Crap…I just had a revelation. If it costs nothing to join this platform then no complaints. God Bless you Michelle

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With the addition of the words “no value” makes it difficult to promote. Most do not read the TOS and I am guilty of this as well. But just the same I have yet to be involved with any crypto company that would place “no value” on their own platform. Although it costs nothing …Crap…I just had a revelation. If it costs nothing to join this platform then no complaints. God Bless you Michelle

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It’s up to you or to everyone if you would take the risk to support or not! Just like buying ico,cryptocurrencies or any stocks in the traditional market , you have to do your own diligence to review a project if you are gonna support it or not. atleast this is not like bitconnect that promises you high returns and ends up taking out all your money.


one more thing,try to read other succesful projects whitepaper too. especially their disclaimer page .


Cơ bản cũng đâu có j rủi ro. Ngoài thời gian rảnh rỗi của chúng ta.
Nhưng hi vọng đừng có thử nghiệm lâu quá. Niềm tin cũng cần động lực để tồn tại.


No ethical company makes promises about the USD value of their cryptocurrency, stock, or even their products.
If someone is promising you BIG GAINS! they are lying to you. They cannot predict the future.


Tương lai không thể dự đoán thì đúng rồi.
Nhưng đưa ra mục tiêu để phấn đấu đạt được nó cũng tốt đấy chứ.
Mọi người sẽ lấy đó làm căn cứ cho hoạt động của khi đi kết thúc thử nghiệm.

permission io goals is all written in the whitepaper…mission,vision roadmap marketing plans usecases and everything…just read the first 9 pages of the whitepaper.


Ít nhất bạn có biết mình đang nói về chủ đề gì không?
Hay bạn đọc lại cái tiêu đề này đã đi rồi mình nói chuyện tiếp nhỉ.
Riêng chữ “tất cả mọi thứ” bạn nói đến là mình có cảm giác bạn chả biết gì rồi.
Chủ đề này đang thảo luận về vấn đề không có trong “tất cả mọi thứ” của bạn

At least do you know what you are talking about?
Or if you read this title again, I will continue to talk.
As for the word “everything” you say, I have a feeling you don’t know anything.
This topic is discussing the problem that is not in your “everything”

is this translated correct?

if yes, the post i say “everything” is about your comment " The unpredictable future is right.
But it is good to set a goal to strive to achieve it.
People will take that as a basis for’s activity when finishing the experiment." you posted this thats why i replied that you should read the whitepaper if you want to read about the projects goal.

one thing ,if im talking nonsense here nobody would agree with me. so if you feel im a kind of person who dont know anything then dont reply with my comments. and just to remind you,you are in a world forum so better be respectful with everyone’s opinion

The future value of any crypto is determined by the market and not by the project developers.

Any crypto who promise your return in value is not a utility token but a security token, and moreover, these security token value is still determine by the market and not the developers.

Is it better for a platform to put a true disclaimer than to give you fake promises.

If you open a shop and stuck it with goods. The value of your sales is not determine by the company who produce the goods BUT how well you are patronized and how much goods are bought from your shop.

A company can not promise you that you will sale all the goods in your shop within a timeframe or period.

Crypto value is determined by the market and community and not by the developers. The developers can only open avenue for more awareness and expansion of their service, BUT the price and value is determined by the market and community.


Các bạn đang thể hiện sự hiểu biết của mình bằng câu chuyện mà ai cũng biết.
Nhưng các bạn mải mê thể hiện bản thân mà bỏ qua mất chủ đề của người tạo ra là gì.
Chúng ta ở đây để trao đổi ý kiến của mình về chủ đề của người tạo ra nó, chứ không phải để phê bình hay đánh giá người khác như thế nào.
Mỗi người đều có quan điểm của riêng mình về một vấn đề cụ thể và đừng lấy mình làm hình mẫu cho người khác.