Road map to mainnet

Is there any updated road map to when permission will come into mainnet?
Viewing and earning are now closed. Shopping is started. Any other aspects in the horizon? I ask this to get a feeling of mainnet timeline

Permission lauched on mainnet in May. If you are asking about exchanges, we have no information.

When a token is ERC20 and it is on the mainnet you should be able to store it and exchange it. Trade exchange is not my intention as exchange markets are tricky for projects and I understand. If it is on the mainnet why can’t be openly transferred to any wallet such as metamask or ledger?

ASK is not an ERC20 token. Since it is not ERC20, we have to work with other wallets to get them to support our blockchain. We are doing that. You can move your ASK to a Trezor right now, and we are working on other 3rd party wallets.

Ah! I see. Perhaps I should wait for ledger then. Thanks