REMINDER: Fake referrals will NOT be paid!


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Reminder: Fake referrals will not be paid when we move to mainnet.
Creating new and fake email accounts to up your referral bonuses is an attempt to defraud and those referrals will NOT be paid when we move to mainnet.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2

Полностью согласен ! Мошенникам в наших рядах не место!!! Мрай вы правильно написали!


Đây là điều đáng quan tâm, thảo luận khi tham gia dự án.

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I agree with you. But I have one question… if you referred someone and the person finds it hard to log on to his account and you helped him by trying to log on to the person’s account on your phone, won’t your system detect that and term it as fraud which I strongly think, it is not?


No, IP is not what determines a fake account.


I have a question about ref program. My referal only need to verify their account and after signing up i’ll get referral bonus, right? Or my referal need to do anything?

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You will get the bonus if they are a real account. We will soon announce what determines a real member, before the blockchain goes live.


What if my referral only logs in once in a month will the system also detect that as a fake referral?

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No, it has nothing to do with how often someone logs in :slight_smile:


CONCERN: Most times when I try read some topic or subject. I first see comments which are not English. I think there should be section for none English speaking members. Or make it Mandatory that the forum should be in English.

How do we know if such a language is passing a solution or answer to peoples questions?


Tôi nghĩ là bạn cài đặt phiên dịch trên thiết bị truy cập của bạn, thì sẽ dễ dàng hơn cho mọi yêu cầu ngôn ngữ chủ động mà bạn thích. Thân mến!

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Don’t worry, I translate comments and answer, regardless of the language!


Yes, anyone can use a translation program… even those posting comments :wink:


When is the blockchain going to go live? And when are we getting paid?

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#16 tuyên bố cuối năm 2018. Ngoài ra chưa có gì thêm.


Please read the FAQs

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I also have concern here …i would like to recommend that you have to look for other way to determine fake referrals apart from 2FA because we as we are trying to refer people we share our referral code to different people around the world and it’s hard to know who joined using my referral code so that we can do follow up on then to do 2FA so that our effort time and date will be not wasted when goes live!! Another point is that I want to know if we can do 2FA on PC :computer: if someone don’t have smart phone…?


Ignoring people who created fake accounts to get more tokens is not something we will do. The Permission token is the fuel for and it goes to people who earn it. This is not an airdrop.
We have said from the very beginning that we will not be paying fake accounts.

2FA not only verifies that someone is real, but it protects your earnings and your personal information.

You CAN do 2FA (both Google and Authy) on a desktop. We are making the entire 2FA process easier and there will be an email about that soon. In the meantime, if you do a search, you can find instructions for how to do it.


I am halfway setting my 2FA using Authy on laptop :computer: but I get stuck on the step that are asking account name and what should I fill there?