Referrals commission


hello why my recent referrals i dont get any commission im not receiving anymore coins for the referrals why ?


Có thể người dùng mới chưa xác minh 2FA, nên bạn và người dùng mới đều chưa nhận được phần thưởng và hoa hồng.


Your referrals must confirm their account and set up 2FA.


I wish there was a way I could see which of my referral have enabled 2fa or otherwise. One of my referral haven’t done it, I’m wondering which of my followers did join using my referral.


what can i do for them more :point_down::point_down: i send them like this :point_down:
1- sign up in the link below
Here is the link :point_down::point_down:

2- you must setup 2FA in order to get paid watch the video below to know how you can setup 👇👇–s&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR3plp1pg2HkmXdbBgTh1yy3JtxXRaWQ62sADzC4F0n30R4-TlSespk6fFo


We do not allow personal information to be shared with anyone, not even
When your new referrals set up 2FA and verify their accounts, the payment for them will show up in your Activity screen.