Referral Tokens not received


I referred two people yesterday why haven’t I received my reference tokens? It was still 2500 so haven’t gotten 5000Ask my networks still null was able to refer two people yesterday so need to be payed for that .notice the refer RULES changed 10hours ago also my reference applied before then…


Let them know to set up their 2FA. That is how we validate their account. It’s really simple and we have a video in the app that walks them through it. Tell them to go to settings -> set up 2FA.


I had a referral yesterday and only received 5 ask for them watching a video.He tells me that he now has almost 500 ASK yet I thought I would get 5 ASK for every video he watches . Also he said he did a transfer to test the system yet I received nothing :frowning: Still loving the site :slight_smile:



My first suggestion is to try logging out, clearing cache, and logging back in. Then, try a different browser.