Referral rewards


I have invited a friend last two days with my referral link,but up to now I did not get the 2500 tokens that was friend didn’t get his either,why?


They have to set up 2FA in order for you both to get the referral bonus


Yes he already setup the google Authenticator


Then they didn’t use your referral code when creating the account. Those are the only 2 requirements needed to get the referral bonus.


OK,thank you very much for your support


To add to the support.

On the current function of the permission platform

If your referral actually uses your link or code to sign-up. After confirming his or her registration. They wont just get the registration bonus and you wont get the referral bonus.

They can even start watching video clips and be earning the rewards attached to those videos.

BUT immediately they do the 2FA verification, the rewards for both parties will be automatically credited.

So if you are very sure of someone signing up with your referral link and didnt get bonus, it means he or she is yet to fully secure their account.

Since the very period i became crypto enthusiast, any platform i join, after confirmation of my registration, the next thing i do is to go through all it portals and security options, and 2fa has been the better and recommended way of securing ones accounts.


thanks for your support


Hello admin,why is my referral still not working,in last few days I invited about 7 of my family’s members,but I did not receive my referral bonus.


They need to complete 2FA setup.


Ok,I thought you said there’s no need for 2fa now?


There is no need for 2FA on login, but requiring 2FA (for now) helps ensure that tokens are not being paid to fake accounts.


Ok I understand thanks