Referral Earnings Not Reflecting


I referred 3 people today. Which means I’m supposed to gain 2500*3 = 7,500 ASK Tokens. I checked my account but I was given 0. Has referrals been closed or it’s just a bug that will be fixed?


У меня такая же ситуация и тем кто регистрируется сейчас тоже не дают 250 ASK. Возможно это ошибка, Mishelle помогите нам разобраться в этом вопросе.


Referrals are not closed. They do need to verify their account before payment is added to your balance.
If you are sure that they did verify, please email me at with your referral code and email address and I will check into it!


конечно они подтверждают все почты но ничего не получают, у меня так зарегистрировалось уже человек 10 и я ничего не получил, и они ничего не получили, раньше уже было такое, но потом поправили и стало начисляться, а сейчас опять :persevere:


Отправьте свой реферальный идентификатор и адрес электронной почты, который вы используете для входа в Мое разрешение на, и я попрошу команду посмотреть на него.


i mailed you please check


хорошо, спасибо :kissing_heart:


Mishelle, please let us know when the programmers look at my account and fix it so that I can get new partners and get ASK for it :sunglasses:


We found a short period of time where there were no funds available in the referral campaign.
We are working on a solution so that I can personally make sure everyone who has verified referrals but missed payments will get them all at one time.
PLEASE be patient… it will be at least a few days before we can get this settled, but everyone will get their referral earnings.


Mishelle thank you very much, we will tolerate, there is no place to hurry anywaythank you very much, we will tolerate, there is no place to hurry anyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you have referrals in your Activity screen that paid 0 ASK, please email a screenshot to me with your email address to