Referal term and condition


Hi Team,

Is there any limit on referal ?
What are terms & conditions for referals.

I see my referal count is 11 so referal earn amount should b 11*2500 = 27500 . but it’s showing 17500


There is no limit to the number of referrals you can bring to Permission. The more the merrier!
The count of referrals is the number of people who have signed up using your referral code.
You are paid for referrals once they verify their account, which is why the numbers may not match.

Remind everyone that they need to click on the verification email after they sign up.


Neither I nor my friends got any coin for referals and signing up today.


Thank you… Understood…


Your referrals have to verify their account after signing up in order for the referral bonus to be paid


All of them have verified their account.


is referral program IP address restricted?. because my sister wants to join but we share same ip address.


No, it is not IP restricted, but you may find that 2FA is a problem with the same device.


Please email me at with an email address that you know has signed up AND verified ( which means they can log in) and your email address and I will look into it .
Please add a screenshot of your referral screen and activity screen if you can.


When referal program to earn 2500 ASK will be end?


We have not made a decision on when the referral program will end yet.


Khi giới thiệu người dùng mới, họ lúng túng khi tải Authenticator để xác minh 2FA, tôi có thể dùng phần mềm quét mã vạch (Authenticator) của tôi để giúp họ xác minh nhanh chóng hơn không?


Họ phải có 2FA được thiết lập cho chính họ. Sẽ cần thiết để cập nhật hồ sơ của họ hoặc sử dụng ví của họ sau khi mã thông báo đi vào hoạt động.


To add to the topic.

When someone sign up or your referral sign up. It is mandatory for him or her to wait for few seconds to be able to get the Policy popup and ACCEPT it before going to check for the verification email. I also don’t think they will be able to get a verification link without accepting the policy.

So if a referral complain of not receiving verification mail, it means they did not ACCEPT the policy (I have had people saying they didn’t get verification email after the sign up)

Please be guided.


That is a good point! The verification email is not sent unless someone accepts the Terms of Service agreement.