Referal link are not working

hi i just sharing referal in my instegram but when i click on it never going to open regesteretion page …as you can see here only working in pc when you trying to open in mobile not opening why ? try here please

That link to Instagram doesn’t work. Did delete it?

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Bạn đang đề cập đến whitepaper của chúng tôi?

problem is its work only in pc when we share in mobile app like a instegram page never going to open

mray why my referal not opening in instegram im sharing nealy 3 mount but my friend say page never working in instegram …try this in mobileplease

The link opens fine on mobile, but the video isn’t playing because it is opening inside of Instagram. If you copy the same link in chrome on mobile, the video plays correctly.

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Vào 23:48, Th 5, 30 thg 5, 2019 Rpekar via Forum đã viết:

this mean we cant share in instegram it soo bad becouce now people using only instegram this is soo bad

It looks like you used a bitly link. Can you try just posting the Permission link?

I will also mention the issue to our development team.

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ok i will try mray thanx

i done it same problem page never opening unfutntly

The issue is Instagram’s player. In order for a video to play on Instagram, you have to actually use their player, and our videos do not. They use our player.

i see world using only instegram this days but we not chatch same tecnolojy sooo bad mray you must do some thing for it every one in instegram now thats all

We know that a lot of people share on Instagram. I appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to our development team.

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