Recap: setting up 2fa using authy


Step 1: Go to your phone and search “Authy” on your app store.

Step 2: Click “Install” and once it’s installed, open the app.

Step 3: Enter in your phone number:

Shortly after,

Either press the call or SMS text to receive a text to confirm identity.

You’ll see a screen that says:

“You don’t have any accounts yet”. Press blue + icon. A backups password screen will appear. Either enter a password, or press the top right button (might be different for other phones) that looks like three dots, press skip, and press Ignore if you want to skip this process.

Step 4: Press “SCAN QR CODE”, and allow Authy to take pictures and record video. Your phone will now have the camera open. Hold the camera up to that QR code you have on your computer, and another popup will open.

Step 5: Press “Next”, you should see 6 numbers. Now go back to your

Step 6: Press “Next”

Step 7: Save this link somewhere safe, you will need it one day. Once it’s saved, press “Next”

Step 8: Grab the 6 numbers off your phone, and put them in here. If it doesn’t work, refresh the Authy app and put in the new 6 numbers it gives you. Then press “Next”:

Step 6: Congratulations! You have enabled 2FA!:grinning:

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