Promoting strategy


I want to share with you guys good strategy to get referrals from Instagram
1- first create account about online business niche
2- make post related to online business and cryptocurrency
3- make hashtags also related to online earnings , cryptocurrency, decentralized, …etc
4- put your referral link in the bio and make good descriptions about . a lot of target people will check your account and some of them they will go through your link .
the most important thing be consistency all the best


Nice, but I don’t bother any more, not since I shared the Permission videos on every social media platforms I have, and the most I could get was ONCE, one time someone came through one referral, so I don’t know which one was successful, that was the 3k promo that one time. Since new year I gave up, no point expending vast amounts of energy for nothing, especially that I got pain my shoulder now. Anyways, good luck, keep up the good work.


Yeah sàme situation with me