Permissions Mainnet launch


Hi we are already in 2019. Permissions Mainnet was supposed to launch in 12/2018. What is the reason for delay? And please inform the community about new launch dates.


There are several threads about this. Please search the forum before asking the same question over and over.


Exactly take your time and make sure everything is good to go.
Good things come to those that are willing to wait :sunglasses:


it’s only 2 days into 2019 try to be a little patient


I am here following permissions project from the starting. I am not getting impatient for just wait of 2-3 days, it is due to hope created by Mainnet announcement to happen near the big New Year Eve. It is just my thought that if delays were announced prior to the time then it will make more confidence in users. Because i saw in the case of Verge currency project that delays without prior information to community had hurt the confidence. If my advice looks unnecessary just ignore it. Best of luck to team permissions. Hope 2019 will be great for crypto. Thanks


Hy vọng nó sẽ không quá lâu !