Permission you will be loosing your customers


Today I saw a video advertisement in my account that was not supposed to be there.the advertisement is about a same-sex dating platform.please I will like to notify the company that if you are advertising such forbidden acts you are likely to loss most of your customers.please most of us don’t want to see such advertisement in our accounts thank you


I do not see that anywhere on the platform. Do you remember the name of the company?


The name of the company is ADD can check permission website the video is still there


That company and that ad do not exist on
If you are seeing it, please post a screenshot.


Ok let me check .
Here is the screen shot,you can see at the bottom of the video where is it written same-sex dating platform.


You are choosing to use a service that was created for everyone to use regardless of their religion/culture.

I do not stop watching the news and certainly do not assume that most people will just because I saw womens’ or LGBTQ rights violations being reported on. It’s just a report, not an endorsement.

If something offends you - skip it.

To assume that a large portion of people posses so little resilience whereas things that offend must be filtered out for them is closing yourself out from diversity which is not something I’d recommend to or expect from an adult.

In fact such demands mandated by religion/culture are even in contrast to the whole ethos of open-source and crypto.
If you want a similar service with added censorship, fork the project.


It’s an interview on a news program. You do not have to watch anything that doesn’t interest you.
We will hopefully give you the ability to “hide” ads from companies that you do not want to see.


Don’t dare assume for majority of members. I don’t like certain things, scroll on past. They have as much right to advertise as straight dating apps.
Stop being so judgemental, if you believe in God, it’s his place to judge. Not yours. Just worry about yourself and your sins.