Permission MarketPlace

Email received today stating that the Permission Marketplace is going Live today but no mention of it here!

Is there a mistake in the email?

Unusual to wait until the day to announce it.

Me too received the email :thinking:

send me link this page

No mistake in the email :slight_smile:

If you didn’t read the email or blog post, here is more information about the Permission Marketplace

Thank You mray.

I did read it but it didn’t say when it was going Live there.

It’s great newsEmoji

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Super pè great job thanks i got it

Разьве я не могу купить товар за заработанные ASK?

Еще нет. Скоро будет!

Ок спасибо ! Вы действительно делаете большую не легкую работу!!!

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I hope you could help; Why my page doesn’t look anything like before and I don’t even know where my ask points are I can’t sign in and everything is a mess what should I do?

All you need is contact to admin
wish you good luck

I’ve been with you from 18 months just spend my time and data but you made good fun

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