Permission Has a New Refer and Earn Program!


Grab your friends and get ready to earn. :grin: Team Permission worked extremely hard building you a fun, new referral program to get ready for token launch!

Full details can be found here.


  • You earn 100 tokens every time a friend creates their profile using your code. They get 100 tokens when they save their profile.

  • Every time someone in your referral network logs in to Permission and watches our great video content, you earn , too!


An yet to receive my referral token. two referral yesterday and their profile is updated so what went wrong ?


Before the change in the referral program, your referrals would have had to complete 2FA setup in order for you to earn the referral bonus.

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I have one important question concerning the referral program. During the early months of this project when referral bonus was 4000ASK before the thought of 2fa I invited some people, my question is, even if these people didn’t set up 2fa, will I receive the already earned ASK when mainet is launched?


Earned is when you withdraw earned money, and you call it - watch the video and in the office get just candy wrappers in the form of a coin, but we cannot withdraw it.


Assuming the referrals were not fake accounts, you will get what is shown in your Earned Balance.