Opportunities to earn ASK


Hello, I have watched all posted opportunities to earn ASK, how often will more opportunities come available? Is it possible to refresh for more opportunities, or will I be notified when there are more opportunities to earn more ASK coins?


there are new videos posted almost daily


Every day the team upload new videos to keep on earning ASK. (1 or 2 normally)
Somedays you can watch more videos (Like Halloween Special 8/9).


Сегодня у меня не пришло не одного видео


We do add new content every day (1-4 videos) and you can always earn by referrals.
There are going to be more opportunities coming very soon! Keep an eye on the News section of the forum for announcements.


отлично будем ждать новостей


Aside the daily watch and earn, the most and best opportunity to earn more is by referral.:yum::yum::yum:


Some referrals find it difficult to do 2FA