Not getting ASK from my referral?


I signed up a few days ago and later invited my friend to join using the email referral system, he’s now signed up and watched a few videos but I haven’t seen any change to my ASK amount like I’m supposed to get? Any help? Thank you


The permission blockchain is currently processing more transactions than usual so you might experience a small waiting period. The developers are on it.


Thank you for your response


Hi! I have a question regarding rewards from referrals. Where can I ask to verify my account because my number of refferals doubled this morning :joy:. I am very happy of this but I want to make sure this was not a mistake since when I checked my balance, no reward was added to my wallet.


You knew for certain that your referrals doubled?


Yes. Because I check everyday of my account. My referrals doubled after permission went live to its own chain. No reward added to my wallet though from referrals thats why Im asking if this is was not a mistake. I posted my link before when rewards per referral was still 2500 ASK. Maybe some of them are now using the platform after it went live.