No more 2fa to login - please read


Good day,I have cleared my cache since on 30 January but up to now I cannot login to my account


I need to know where you are getting the error. Is it on login or on trying to save the profile?

Screenshots are helpful!


It worked now,I had to verified my email for it to work.because I changed my email about 1 month ago.thank you for your support


Why do I need 2 fa, if at the entrance to the account very rarely asks the code, about 1 time out of 5?


We JUST made the change to no long require 2FA for login. You will want 2FA to protect your data and your tokens when we move to mainnet.


Да Мишель,я и мои партнеры хотим чтобы наши аккаунты были защищены 2fa


when we get online at main network


When we announce that we are ready to move to mainnet. Please read the many threads concerning the mainnet launch.

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i don’t see my tokens in my dashboard can you help me !


They would appear in your Earned Balance.
If you do not see anything there, make sure you are viewing the page in English.
If you ARE, then please try logging out, clearing browser cache, and logging back in.