New users say "hi" :)


Hi, I’m Iris and I’m already clicking here for longer.
The ambassador survey file doesn’t open and cannot be done - I think
it’s already over, so no 50 extra-Ask. But I only got the video today.
Do you also have the impression that the Marvel trailers/films start
getting more and more brutal? Is this owing to the times we live in
with schools shutting down because of shootings or do such films
cause people to imitate them?

Kind regards


Hi, Iris!

You can find the Ambassador form for this week under the News/Announcements thread. You have until Sunday to complete it and earn the extra 50 ASK.


I found the file but it didn’t open



Hi :grin::grin:, so what to do for now


Watch videos, refer friends!


só passando pra dizer oi!:piscadela:


hi everyone! how are u guys?


Hello everyone, I am Anna,
glad to be here with you and I am curious to see how it’s working !!


You are welcome. Try to go through the FAQ section to know more about


Hi, I am Bright and new here :sunglasses:

Hope to learn more of this project.


I’m Iris and I enjoy the videos and infos


Hi. I am Johnbull :sunglasses:

And i am new here


It’s good to have you here John…please do help yourself out by going through the FAQ thread to get vital information and personal questions answered…and do well to set up your 2FA, this will help verify your account and keep your Earnings (ASK) secure … trust me, there’s so much to gain from the forum. Remember to refer friends, family, everyone to join this great initiative, because it’s better to ASK for than interrupt lol :joy: .
Don’t forget to remind your successful referrals to also verify and keep their account safe by setting their 2FA too …let’s expand our community



My 2FA doesn’t work, it says I’m using a different device, although I enter it the same way as usual


Hello everyone. I’m Melissa. I’m looking forward to learning more about this. :sunglasses:


Mọi người chào bạn. Đọc hết bài trong diễn đàn là rõ ngay vấn đề bạn cần hiểu.


Hi from Ukraine!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: