New users say "hi" :)


Hi I’m Airdrop29, and I have been following this project from the start I think it’s truly amazing and would be proud to be an ambassador for Permission


:heart: So glad to have you with us all this time!

Make sure to check out the Ambassador Program on the News & Announcements thread, if you have not yet!


Hi there. My name is Rajesh Rao and I am from India. Looking to gain more knowledge about this forum and also to be of any use to whatever your needs be.


hi everry one I am gabonese


Wellcom permission forum. Good luck!


Привет всем! Я Игорь! Здесь недавно. Английский не знаю, в общем как рыба на воздухе
Как завоевывать наш русский рынок, если нет ничего на русском языке?


hi, I’m a new user on permission forum, but have been following this amazing project since day one. my name is deodivine, a computer Engineer. Hope I’m welcome here?


Привет привет! Заходи в гости


Good i think its good


Hello, greetings from Colombia:grin::grin:


hello, I am from Monterrey , Mexico


Wellcom permission. Happy christmas


Hello everyone, I’m from Nigeria and am glad to be part of it’s really interesting to be here.


Wellcom? Happ to days!


Compliment of the season! :smiley:


Hello as you can see I’m new here to learn the ropes of why we’re here.


Excuse me i want to know when it goes live?


Họ đã lùi ngày hoạt động mainnet vào trong tháng 1/2019, so với mốc thời gian cuối là 31/12/2018.


Hi, This is pankaj and i am the new user here.


Привет всем! Рад знакомству.